Jack Condliffe

My Projects

This is a variety of animations and other pieces that I have made using multiple different animation methods.

UE4 Project

Disclaimer: I did not create the animations for this project, only implemented them into engine after creating the necessary blueprints.


This is a video showing the Blueprints I created within Unreal Engine 4.

Build Test

This is a Build of the Project showing the blueprints and state machines in action.

My Animations

Bored Zelda

A short animation depicting a rather bored Princess Zelda.

Star Wars Star Fighter Assault

A few animations showing X-Wings assaulting an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Mocap Dance

This depicts a dance I cleaned up and put in to UE4.

Mocap Gameplay

This some animations obtained in a Motion Capture session and then applied to a character in UE4.

Bouncing Ball(Stairs)

An animation showing a ball bouncing down some stairs.


A short animation showing a character taking a drink from a bottle.

Lip Sync Animation

An animation of a conversation between Link and Zelda (11 Second Club)

Bouncing Ball

An animation of a ball bouncing with squash and stretch